This video brand book contains all the necessary elements and rules for their use for design of brand identity carriers.

We recommend using the attached templates for exact conformity of the final product to the principles stated in this document.


Links to the source files are indicated by the «Download» button on the corresponding blocks of the site.

For each link you will find:

  1. The source file for each element in +
  2. 12An example of its use

All files are presented in two colors schemes: light and dark.


The set includes 10 types of diagrams for visualization of any data:

  • column, line, pie, doughnut, area, stock and radar charts;
  • table, list, cycle, matrix;

The templates can be used both in dynamic content — for video clips, and in static — for the design of presentations and printed materials.


The company logo is a key element of the brand identity. The new animation fully conveys the essence of the logo’s origin and the positioning of the company


The set includes 3 gadgets to demonstrate the advantages and core differences between user interfaces on each of the devices: сomputer, phone, tablet


Characters help to convey more accurately the idea to the viewer and engage them with the story:


— the main character, representing Blackmoon. The character that personifies the brand. Demonstrates and tells all the positive moments associated with the brand Blackmoon. Inspires confidence.


— a smart analyst. Tells complicated things in plain language. Analyzes information, the embodiment of intelligence.


— a girl, who really wants to understand all the advantages of the Blackmoon platform and benefit from them. Impersonates a potential user, seeks the most convenient and profitable instruments. Geek.


Basic icons and elements for the design of any information in a static or dynamic form: arrow (thin, medium, bold), mind Bubble, alarm, exclamation point, question mark, lightbulb with an idea, prohibitory sign, bunch of smiles, video, social media icons


Backgrounds convey the atmosphere and set the mood of the viewer.


This pack is designed for video production movies. It includes: logo intro / end, lower third, screen questions, screen title, subtitles. Backgrounds for chromakey.



For a complete immersion in the atmosphere, a special sound library was developed, which complements all the actions that can occur in the video. Sounds enhance emotional involvement in the video and the perception of information.

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